Netball Now

Netball Now

Netball Now is a simple, straightforward way to play netball. It's not a coached session. It's not a competition led by rules, regulations or scores recorded. It is simply a session that you turn up at, pay a small fee and play a game of netball.

If you're currently playing and want to play a bit more as it beats the gym, or if you're looking for a flexible, non-committed way to play netball then Netball Now is for you!  There is no coaching at the sessions; if you do want to be coached you might want to try your local club or a Back to Netball session. 

If you can't find a session on near you, contact us and we will look at putting one on for your area.
If your club, leisure centre or league fancy running Netball Now sessions, get in contact we have a great Licence deal which gives you everything you need.

All sessions across all regions can be found here: Netball Session Finder


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