Domestic Guidance

Domestic Guidance

England Netball have produced Domestic Guidance materials to help support the development of netball at all levels working within the boundaries of the International Netball Federation rules and match protocols.

Full Domestic Rules Guidance 2016.

This document has been created to provide details of the permitted variances to the INF Rules for domestic Netball matches in England.

The guidance provided varies dependent on whether competitions are National, Regional, County or Local level.

This document is therefore primarily written for individuals who require greater detail on each rule and its domestic variations e.g. league/event organisers and umpires.

Download it from the England Netball website Officiating section;

Domestic Rules Guidance Videos

To help bring this to life, England Netball have also produced a selection of short videos which can be found on the England Netball website Officiating section;

The videos are pitched at different levels of competition - for example, suspending a player at national or at a regional level match is different to suspending a player at a local league level.

Check which video is the most appropriate for your level of competition. Here is an example of one of the videos available from the link above.

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