Netball Development Community Coaches

Netball Development Community Coaches

Netball Development Community Coaches (NDCCs) are responsible for developing, marketing and coaching the Back to Netball and Walking Netball programmes. They are also responsible for developing local netball infrastructures to ensure sustained participation in the sport

There are four Netball Development Community Coaches in The London and South East Region covering North East London, North London, North Central London and South London.

North East London NDCC

Lucy Hantson


Hours: Mondays 9am-9.30pm, Tuesdays 9am-9pm, Wednesdays 9am-12.30pm, Thursdays 9am-5pm.

Facebook: Lucy Hantson

Twitter: @B2NNEastLondon

North London NDCC

Sophie Johnson


Hours: Mondays 9am-9pm, Tuesdays 9am-5pm, Wednesdays 9am-8pm, Thursdays 9am-5pm.

Facebook: Sophie's Northlondon BacktoNetball

Twitter: @B2N_NorthLondon

Central London North NDCC

Yvonne Rhoden


Hours: Mondays 9am-9pm, Tuesdays 9am-9pm, Wednesdays 10am-9pm, Thursdays 9am-4pm, Fridays 9am-10.30am

Facebook :BacktoNetball Central London North


South London NDCC

Polly Howell


Hours: Mondays 9am-8pm, Tuesdays 9am-5pm, Wednesdays 10am-9pm, Thursdays 10am-7pm.

Facebook: Polly Back to Netball

Twitter: @B2NCentralLondon