Useful Contacts and Links

Useful Contacts and Links

The England Netball website also has a lot of information about different aspects of Officiating, so their page is worth exploring.

England Netball Officiating Page

County Netball Association Websites and Social Media

Essex Met Umpiring

Kent Umpiring

Middlesex Umpiring


Rule Books

The 2020 edition of the Rules Book is available from the England Netball Shop

New Rules Books can also be obtained from your local County Umpiring Secretary at a reduced rate of £4.50 each. For more details, please contact your County Umpiring Secretary.


Downloadable Rules Books

The 2018 edition of the Rules Book can be downloaded from this link and can be saved to iBooks on iPhones and iPads or Pocket on Android… However, nothing beats having the real thing in your pocket!

International Rules of Netball 2018 edition

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