C Award Officiating Course - Middlesex
Event Venue

Alexandra Park School
Rhodes Avenue
London, England
N22 7UT

C Award Officiating Course - Middlesex

Perfect for those over the age of 13* who want to officiate at the local or junior league level.

After you attend the course you will:

Improve your current understanding and knowledge of the rules of the game

Understand the requirements for the Netball Europe C Award

Improve your umpiring skills by identifying/observing and penalising infringements of the rules

Be able to demonstrate how positioning, movement and vision impacts on an umpires performance

Begin to develop an awareness of when it is appropriate to playing advantage

Have an awareness of Contact v Contest

Understand the importance of Game Management for control and discipline

* Please note that Learners are required to be 14 years old before they can take the Final Practical
Assessment for the Netball Europe C Award

C Award Umpire Course Requirements

There are strict eligibility criteria associated with this course and they include:

• You must have attended a Beginner/Into Officiating Award course
• You must have umpiring experience at ‘league’ level
• You must hold active INDIVIDUAL affiliation
• You must be over the age of 13

Course Details

Date: Sunday 29th March 2020
Venue: Alexandra Park School, Rhodes Avenue, London N22 7UT
Time:  10am to 4pm
Cost: £40 - £60

To book, please contact: https://webservices11.wufoo.com/forms/k10kllef102q4xh/

Duration: 6 hours
Delivery: Practical & Theory

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