LS&E Region League Results 2019-20 Season

LS&E Region League Results 2019-20 Season

Covid-19 Update

The Competition TSG committee have taken the view that any likelihood of being able to physically finalise the league is remote. Whilst not ideal, we think it is best if we now confirm the final placings based on an average of points to date divided by games played, times by total matches scheduled to be played, in accordance with EN recommended formula.

The committee felt that it was important to finalise the league now so that clubs know where they stand for the forth coming season, which it is still hoped will be able to commence sometime in September. The committee’s decision is final and cannot be challenged.

With regards to the playoff for Premier league we understand that EN have indicated that if it is safe and appropriate for netball activity to resume by the 19 July 2020 then play offs will take place on the 8/9 August 2020. If not there will be no play offs and no movement between Premier League 3 and Regional Leagues. With regard to the Regional League formation for next season we will implement the promotion from Division 2 and relegation from Division 1 in accordance with the league rules as normal.

With regards to movement between County Leagues and the L&SE Regional League, a further decision will be made once we have more information about when it is safe and appropriate for netball activity to resume.  We shall be guided by EN who in turn are following the Government guidelines and advice as to when it will be safe to return to competitive team sport.

Final League Positions 2019- 2020 Season

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