These 3-4 hour practical coaching workshops are aimed at providing club coaches and teachers who are regularly planning sessions with a better understanding of specific areas of player and game development, the toolkit required to analyse and correct technique, and fresh ideas for building practices and sessions.

The series of workshops have been carefully designed to complement the qualifications pathway and UKCC qualifications.

Candidates are provided with high-quality resources and coaching cards to take away and use in their own coaching environments and are actively encouraged to participate in the activities during the workshops.

Workshops range from £25–£80 with discounts available for affiliated members.

England Netball Workshops

  • Activate- This course will examine the qualities of an attacking player and will explore the methods a player can utilise to get free. 
  • On the Ball- This workshop will focus on catching and passing skills and identify how practice design can help players become more skilful.
  • On the Move- The course will introduce the coach to the essential movement skills required for effective performance.
  • Winning the Ball- This workshop will examine how coaches can develop defensive practices that are both variable and relevant in a game context.
  • Sharp Shooting- The course will examine the technique of shooting and the associated game strategies linked to this position.
  • Getting Physical- Getting physical is a workshop to help coaches understand and implement some key physical training ideas specifically for netball including injury prevention strategies. 
  • High 5s Workshop for Teachers and Coaches
  • KS3 Workshop for Teachers and Coahes
  • Walking Netball Host Training (£65-£80, 6 hour workshop)

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